Galaxy S7 cases

Galaxy S7 cases are a must have for every S7 owner. You’ve invested in one of the best pieces of technology out there right now. Of course your investment deserves to be protected. To help you keep your S7 safe, we stock an awesome selection of Galaxy S7 cases for you to pick from. We know that different people have different lifestyles, and need different things from Galaxy S7 cases. Some of us only need a bit of extra drop protection for any day to day accidents, while others need a whole protection system so they can take their S7 on wild escapades and adventurous trips. And there’s a whole lot of people in between, too. Wherever you are on the spectrum, we have Galaxy S7 cases to meet your requirements and keep your S7 safe the way you need them to.

Let’s check out exactly how our Galaxy S7 cases can protect your S7.

First of all, all of our Galaxy S7 cases are drop proof and shock proof. This means that they can keep your S7 safe in case you accidentally drop it. We all know just how easy that is to do, right? Our Galaxy S7 cases include features such as raised bevels, screen guards, bumpers, absorbent layers and frames, all of which work to keep your S7 safe and intact. It’s important to note here that our Galaxy S7 cases offer different levels of protection, and you should look carefully through the features to make sure you’re getting a case that’s right for you. There are a few different choices to be made, for example:

  • Do you want tempered glass or a plastic screen protector? All of our Galaxy S7 cases come with some kind of screen protection, but which is right for you? There are many varying opinions on this one. Some people prefer tempered glass because they are scratch resistant and often more touch sensitive. Others prefer plastic because they tend to be cheaper and they add less bulk to the front of the phone.
  • Do you prefer a metal, TPU or polycarbonate bumper? A metal bumper such as aluminum alloy offers a lot of strength to your phone and can help protect it from even the worst drops. TPU is not hard like metal, but it is very absorbent and helps cushion falls. Polycarbonate is also an option, though not as strong as aluminum alloy, and not as absorbent as TPU.

Also keep on the look out for raised bevels, which are great for keeping your screen away from the ground during falls and preventing it from smashing. TPU inner layers are also great to prevent damage to your phone. Corners with inbuilt air cushions, and multiple layered cases are also top choices.

That kind of drop protection is usually more than enough for a lot of S7 owners. But if you’re the adventuring type and you want more protection in your Galaxy S7 cases, you’re in luck. We stock Galaxy S7 cases with a whole bunch of other protective features. On our case descriptions look out for:

  • Waterproof - different Galaxy S7 cases can take you to different depths. Even if your phone is water resistant or waterproof, we highly recommend purchasing waterproof Galaxy S7 cases for additional protection, especially if you’re planning to go underwater. Most waterproof Galaxy S7 cases will take your phone to between 3 and 7 feet deep, while keeping it safe. If you’re planning a deep sea dive, no regular style case can help. You’ll need to get a waterproof bag to prevent water ingress in that situation. That’s certainly not an everyday case,  but it will do the job for one off diving sessions. Our range of waterproof Galaxy S7 cases are much more suitable for day to day use.
  • Mud proof - all of our waterproof Galaxy S7 cases are mudproof, too. If you don’t use a mudproof case when you’re out on adventures in the dirt, you can say goodbye to your Galaxy S7, because it sure won’t be lasting long. If there’s any kind of likelihood you’ll drop your phone in the mud, take a serious look at our waterproof Galaxy S7 cases cases.
  • Snow and ice proof - Again, it’s waterproof Galaxy S7 cases that can offer you protection against snow and ice. Drop your Galaxy S7 in the snow without a case? You’ll be lucky if you don’t need to buy a whole new replacement. But with a waterproof case on, you’ll just swipe away the snow and carry on.
  • Dirt, dust and lint proof - Some non-waterproof Galaxy S7 cases can protect your phone against dirt, dust and lint. But if you’re planning on getting dirty or heading to the desert on a regular basis, we’d recommend waterproof Galaxy S7 cases, just to be on the safe side.

So if you need Galaxy S7 cases that simply protect you from drops, you’re catered for. Or if you need Galaxy S7 cases that can offer you all-round protection against anything life can throw at it, we’ve got you covered.

One of our firm beliefs is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style just to get the protection you need. We believe you should be able to have both. No compromise. That’s why good looks is one of our top priorities when we’re designing Galaxy S7 cases. If you like the good looks of the Galaxy S7 and don’t want to cover them up, we have Galaxy S7 cases with transparent backs. Or if you’re not that bothered about that, and would prefer some color, we’ve got plenty of bold colors to pick from.

Go on ahead! Browse our Galaxy S7 cases and find out which one is right for you.